Articles by NJ C-GOP Members:

Submitted by NJ C-GOP member: Arlene Wright


One can appreciate the frustration a Conservative Republican feels with the RINOS in our Party but we have shown that we can get rid of them nationally as in the case of Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island in the last election. 

We will be doing the same thing in November as well by taking back our Country and getting rid of the democrats.

The Obama Administration and the democratic congress would like nothing better than the creation of a third party movement which is why they keep pushing the Tea Party Movement to be a third party.  All we hear them asking if Sarah Palin will run as a Tea Party Candidate.  She rightly answers, NO!  She is a Republican and will fight for Conservative causes in the Republican Party.  The democrats would love nothing better than a third party so they can split the Republican vote and win again in November.

This is why the liberal press keeps pushing this issue, hoping.  I remember Ross Perot splitting the Republican vote and Bill Clinton winning the Presidency with just 47% of the vote.  Perot got a lot of press because they knew he would weaken the Republican Candidate.

We know that without the Conservative vote we would have had King Corzine again.  BUT, if the Conservatives vote for a Third Party, i.e. a Conservative candidate in November, we will also have Pelosi, Reid and Company along with another reign of KING OBAMA.  This would ruin our Country and take it to total Communism.  How could one sleep at night knowing they were a party to the destruction of our Constitution and Great Country?

President Reagan said we should not knock another Republican.  He certainly had to deal with many RINOS as well as democrats but he was so smart and knew you had to work TOGETHER as a TEAM to reach the final goal.  He was always outnumbered but knew how to out maneuver successfully.

Ronald Reagan also stated there are only 2 Parties and he would not go along with a third party.  He was asked many times if he believed in a third party and he said no.  They would have loved it if he did.  He would not be President if that happened.

If a third party is formed in the next few months, you will see tremendous Press for it so they can promote it to help them WEAKEN the Republicans.  They know we have a tremendous chance of taking back our Country and do not want it to occur.  (It would not surprise me if the democrats with all their money secretly back a 3rd party candidate to weaken and beat us in November). 

Any smart Reagan Republican knows you stay with the Republican Party no matter what and work from within to get Conservative ideas across.

In any organization or private company, one works within the system to bring in ideas for success.  Americans are not quitters and we do not move from one organization or company simply because all of our ideas are not adhered to.  This is what KING OBAMA and Company do.  It is their way or the highway.

We Republicans must join together and work from within as hard as we can to get rid of the Marxists and Communists who are working as hard as ever to take us over.  We must reinstate the Constitution principals.  I am a staunch member of the NJ Conservative GOP and will work hard to get the right Candidates elected.

A good example of working from within is Michael Doherty who ran with NO County support in his election. The NJ C-GOP supported him.  He beat the establishment candidate with very little funding but he had a good message and got it across to the voters.  What a Victory to have a Conservative Republican working from WITHIN our party and not protesting from the outside “looking” in.

As long as there is a Republican in office, we have a very good chance of getting our message across.  President Bush was not a true Conservative BUT because he was in POWER he got good appointees to the Supreme Court.  This is what we need to keep our Country moving in the right direction.  If OBAMA remains in power, the Supreme Court will change and another catastrophe will befall us.  In our horrible anti working together climate in Washington, a good Republican can show BI-PARTISANSHIP.  In any Personal or Business Relationship, Bi-Partisanship is what makes it work.  

Our Founding Fathers fought among themselves but knew this was the way it had to be.   Work Together – work on the differences and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for what a Republican Conservative believes in.  THE STRONG TEAM WINS.  A TEAM DIVIDED LOSES!

Arlene Wright

A Republican Conservative & NJ C-GOP member